Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Write it on the skyline

Are you familiar with that feeling you get, when your whole body goes cold? Like someones opened a window to a warm room on a winters morning. That gut feeling you get that sends shivers down your spine and makes all of the tiny hairs on the back of your neck stand on end, then my mum would usually follow with "Whats up has someone walked over your grave?" just like clockwork.
Or rather when someone carelessly tells you something you've been trying to avoid over hearing for months, or maybe a year and a half? And when you hear it, it messes you up so much inside, mentally and emotionally, that the only thing your capable of feeling is that farmiliar cold shiver of dread. Possibly hearing the words "Im seeing someone" echo from that one person you've always been scared to let go of just in case one day he might decide he misses you. Or maybe its the confirmation that he doesnt miss you, and probably doesnt actually give a proverbial shit at all. But i know what it definately is........ it's definately the wonderful, fresh yet undoubtedly harsh feeling of reality pissing all over your parade. And you just brought new shoes.

Every rooftop has a blue skyline......

I've met someone. I didnt even mind the rain today