Monday, 15 July 2013

With Love.

Now i think about it i never really did get a chance to desperately tell you how much you ment to me. I made the sincere mistake of never letting you know what loosing you would actually do to me.
      You were beautiful, with the kind of eyes that could warm me from the inside like a sweet milky cup of tea on a bitter December morning, (If you remember rightly we met in December). You WERE my milky cup of tea, and when my lips touched you and i inhaled your painfully addictive warmth everything and almost anything seemed better. You were good for me, in fact you were even better. And not the 'You're perfect' kind of good, the kind of good which lights up your soul and grows and continuously gets brighter and illuminates any dark cobwebbed corner that could have potentially been dead and untouched for years. You made me feel alive after feeling nothing but dull bitterness for so long.
      I tickled you almost everytime i saw you, not to aggravate you like you first thought, but just to simply see you smile, because to me, that smile was like ecstasy. It cradled my tummy and forced my head to cloud with dizziness. Its one of the many things about you which no matter how desperately hard i try, it will never leave me. So many things remind me of our time we spent together, they make your name resound in my head like and annoying clang or a consistent buzz of tinitus that could keep me awake at night.

I just wanted to tell you that you still keep me up late at night. You're my insomnia and I'm sorry i lost you but thank you for the plethora of emotions you made me discover.

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