Saturday, 1 May 2010

Take me to paradise city...

You know, as hard as i try, people make it very hard for me to get on with my life. Im trying my hardest to futher my career and grow up according to how i should do. I thought friends were ment to help your progress and cheer you on in every step of this race called "life" but lately some of my bestest have really been throwing in the obsticles, making it so difficult for me to continue.
If its not one thing, it really is another, and that sayings completely true. I never used to believe my mum when she used to repeat it but as you age you become more aware that almost everything your parents told you is actually pure, solid, undignified F.A.C.T.
Like right now, im doing so well in maturing enough to find my way back on to the rails that i diversed from i actually thought within a few months i would have reached the target of happiness. Stupidity. Im having one of those situations where the past comes back to haunt me. If you remember correctly, in my previous post i refered to the skeletons in my closet.... well they're out, looking for me and they're angry. Im being bounty hunted by my own past. And the ones i thought i could trust are pointing them in the direction of my perfect retreat.
Best friends? Hah! That means nothing now a days. My best friends selling me out for a girl, just because he's foolishly in love with a fantasy he can never behold. Wow that just makes me feel special.

And what is it now with all my friends getting pregnant? I mean, i think its fantastic for them, i know theyre going to make great parents but.... what i dont get is how their biological is working. I mean im older than them and my clock hasn't hit baby o'clock yet. I cant really feel it hitting it any time soon. Does that mean im immature? Does it mean my clock isnt working?

I hate this city, I think ive out grown it, either that or its out grown me. Either way we're not the best of friends. Im sorry leicester but i just cant tolerate you anymore.

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