Thursday, 20 May 2010

This city...

I HATE this fucking city and everyone in it. Your all fickle fucks that thrive off everyone elses misfortune and childish rumours which some sad lonely twat made up because they had nothing better to bide their time with.
Seriously i've actually realised tonight how childish Leicester is. Im so angry right now i could actually walk a million miles away from this place and never return. I hope whoever started these rumours burns in their own smouldering guilt.
After all the shit ive been through in this last two years do you really think i want to hear this absolute bollocks? I FINALLY start to cheer the fuck up after him and organise my life and everyone just wants to see me fall.
Well here's some shocking fucking facts for you yeah?

1) I lost my virginity when i was 18, to a boy i was with for 2 years.
2) I didnt have a boyfriend until i was 17.
3) I didnt have my first kiss until i was 16.
4) Ive only slept with 4 guys in the last 2 years, none of which are one night stands.
5) Im only interested in one person right now.
6) I've never cheated
7) Every relationship ive been in ended because ive been cheated on
8) Id rather die lonely than be "the other woman" i hate cheaters.
9) I just want to fall in love
10) yes i actually want to be friends with everyone because id rather be friends then be hated.
11) No im not interested in your boyfriend
12) No i dont lead people on, if i dont feel like my hearts in it, i will tell you.
13) I dont actually LOVE sex that much.
14) I HATE one night stands, what a way to feel used and dirty.
15) Ive never had an STI

So thanks everyone for starting and also believing the rumours which are so far from the truth its unreal.
I am NOT a slag, i am NOT a bitch your just gulliable for believing such utter SHIT. Im guessing half of you dont even know me or have even spoken to me.
So how about you keep out of my fucking business and get on with your own pathetic excuse of lives.
Yes... i want everyone to read this, so spread this mother fucker around

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  1. Aw sweetie, people don't actually believe that shit, they're just jealous of your pretty face.
    Luuurve you kitty cat :) XxX