Tuesday, 1 June 2010

And I still hold your hand in mine. In mine when I'm asleep.

I feel the need to blog, i only feel this either when i need to empty my head, or let my fingers push the keys so i can concentrate on sorting out the mess that is my mind.

Ive been thinking about you again today, my mind can be so clear and satisfied until you force your way in like an unwanted midnight intruder to mess up and cause chaos in all my thoughts ive just organised.
You confuse me, i know i miss you, and i know i still feel something for you, but my heart desperately wants to find someone else. I cant figure out right now if i still love you or if i hate you.
And as much as i try to find someone else, the thought of you pulls me back. No one has stood a chance so far and i know, thats just the way you like it. I guess i just need to get my head around how one person can go from their world... to nothing but the dirt beneath their shoes. How can you fall out of love so quickly? And why cant i do it?