Sunday, 27 September 2009

100 strokes of the brush before bed....

"This is why you make me lose my head; your mature, intelligent and you have this passion inside you that's utterly boundless."

"I know, I've hurt myself, I've had no respect for me, for my person, which i say i love so much. I'm not so sure i love myself as i once did; a girl who loves herself doesn't let her body be violated by any man whatsoever, without a specific reason and without even any pleasure. I tell you this as a prelude to revealing a secret, a sad secret that i foolishly wanted to hide from you, deluding myself that i could forget."

"I entered the bathroom, looked at myself in the mirror and no longer saw the image of that girl who took such delight in examining herself a few years ago. I saw sad eyes rendered even more pitiful by the black liner that streamed down my cheeks. I saw a mouth that had been violated so many times tonight and had lost its freshness. I felt invaded by foreign bodies. Then i brushed my hair a hundred times, as my mother always says, as princesses do."

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