Thursday, 5 November 2009

Just sing when your winning..

Ive fucking given you a way out like you wanted.
Left you alone like you wanted.
Let you do what you want like you wanted.

Then why in gods name wont you LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!
Right now i really cant deal with your narrow minded selfishness. Your abrubt attempt to affect me in a way you know you most certainly will.
Its always the same with you.
Start the converstation, say something nice to temp my inner demons and stir the skeletons in my ever so nicely painted closet.
Then right there BAM you land me with the most nauseating, gut wrenching insult which tears down every brick you just put up.
You have me even doubting right now, if we can ever be friends. You just use me.
Use me for my emotions.
Use me for my company.
Use me for pleasure.
Use me for the fact that you know i'll break so easily.

You break me, over and over again, you promise to fix me but each time you break me in to so many little pieces, and then your afraid to touch me incase i'll cut you.
I know your proceeding to be so distant because everytime you reach the boundaries of getting close to me again you look at me and see the reflection of yourself. A reflection of a man whos denying the fact he seeks love, but exchanges love with business in fear of loosing all the keeps him sane.
You know your just like me, and you hate it dont you.
An eye for an eye and the world goes blind.
So i'll cover my eyes and hope to god either you or me stops before this goes too far.

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  1. Hey,
    Stumbled upon your blog, read your last two entries, and realized that it seems like you're getting alot of toxins out through this blog and wasn't sure if you were actually looking for feedback or any type of audiance or just blogging for yourself. I too am struggling with borderline personality disorder. So if you are looking for feedback drop me a line.

    you're not alone.